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Everything you see at our web store is in stock. By selecting the item you prefer, you will see the list of colours available. Each item is sent in tailor-made packaging that is created to keep our products in perfect condition.

Purchase a product from GOLDEN CROWN Co.

To purchase a product, you will have to select it from the catalogue and enter the specific product card. After checking the availability of the colour, add it to your “shopping bag”. When choosing your first product, you will be reminded to read the Terms & Conditions specific to your country. Please make sure you read the conditions before you continue. In order to purchase from us you need to register for an account after you agree on our terms & conditions. You can now continue navigating in the site to choose items and place your order. We want to remind that you can buy as many products as you want and the status of your purchases can always be checked from the shopping bag. If you want to buy more products of the same type, all you have to do is "update" the quantity when you check your final choices.

Eliminate a product from the shopping cart.
Before confirming the order, you can eliminate one or more products from the shopping bag by clicking the "Remove". The total amount will be recalculated automatically.

Complete an order.

To complete an order, you will have to follow all the purchasing phases. After confirming the content of your shopping bag click on "Proceed to Checkout", then place the order by clicking on "Submit Order". You will receive a confirmation email at your email address that will also display your order in detail.

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