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August 16, 2010 - End of Year Gifts

Hello everyone,

It's probably early to start talking about Christmas and the new year, but in the promotional calendar, it’s getting late!

It’s always a pleasure when we receive a gift and it should also be a pleasure to give one. Banks and companies give their clients promotional items with their logos embossed at every opportunity: the launching of a new product, the anniversary of the company, Ramadan, Christmas, New Year, … the occasions are endless. Some even come up with made-up occasions just to remind their clients of their brands or to keep the company’s presence at the top of the customers’ minds. Whichever the occasion, we, at Golden Crown, have a whole range of goods to fit your budgets, your clients’ needs, your brand image, or the spirit of the occasion. Products range from desk items (blotters, paper cubes, coasters, pen holders, photo frames, briefcases, etc.) for your executive target to personal items such as credit card holders, wallets, and folders for more intimate use. We can personalize all your items and create new designs as well.

Prepare yourself from now by offering your clients a new gift with your logo embossed on it as a perpetual reminder of your presence in their minds. Your gift will never be forgotten if it’s placed on their desks every day or if it’s being used intimately such as a wallet or a card holder. Never forget that a beautiful useful gift is fondly remembered and the receiver would always be silently thanking you and preferring you to your competitors.

We can help you plan your gifts by choosing a wonderfully nice gift to fit your budget and at the same time make it fashionable and unforgettable for your clients. You can browse through our online catalog, noting that you can control all aspects of the gift, be it the price, the leather, the color, the design, just about everything! Also keep in mind that we have lots of other new designs offline and we can still come up with more. All you need to do is decide you’re going to go through your plan, give us a call, and leave the rest to us.

Don’t wait till the last minute, plan early and keep your mind at ease. And by the way, if anyone asks you where you got it from, don’t forget to mention at

See you next time!

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