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January 17, 2011 – Leather Goods: The Definition.

Hello everyone,

Many times a day I run through people who ask me what I do or in what line of business I am. Naturally, I answer: in leather goods. Then I take a long look at their puzzled expressions and wonder how to explain about one of the oldest trades in history.

Ever since the beginning of humanity, our ancestors have been hunting animals for their skins to protect themselves from the heat and the cold, not to mention for food. Hundreds of generations and civilizations later, Man still transforms skins and hides into leather to produce clothes, wallets, shoes, jewelry, upholstery, handbags, and tons of other ideas.

If you really take a look around you, you will be surprised that leather is all around; yet this trade still has a mysterious aura about it and not many of us notice that there is a long production process behind many things we use on a daily basis out of necessity or pure vanity.

The purpose of this newsletter is to introduce you to the term "leather goods" and to highlight the products that fall under this category. More specifically, we would like to explain what we mean by Golden Crown Co., manufacturers of leather goods.

Our production of leather goods includes but is not limited to desk items (blotters, pen holders, paper holders, trays, calendar stands, coasters, mouse pads, etc.), handbags, wallets, credit card and business card holders, briefcases, seminar / conference bags, key holders, menu and invoice covers for restaurants and hotels, organizers, agenda covers, folders, computer accessories in leather, tissue boxes, etc.

When these products are produced in big quantities and are printed or embossed with logos of companies or brands, they are called advertising gifts or promotional items.

So you see? The list is actually quite long and unlimited since creativity has no limits. Our line of work is rich in quality and quantity and is always a pleasure to the eye and the touch.

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See you next time!

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