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Since 1967, we have been combining our efforts to manufacture small leather goods, ladies' handbags, promotional items, advertising gifts, and all kinds of items that fall into the "leather" category. We have come a long way at establishing ourselves as trustworthy suppliers catering to many sectors of the business. Using combinations of genuine and synthetic leather, rich textiles and infinite flexibility, we were able to tackle an ever-unstable market and to accommodate clients of different visions, needs, and budgets.

Following the changes in a constantly evolving market while staying up-to-date with customers’ suggestions, we have decided to expand our presence in the market through developing this website and getting closer to you. This way, you will enjoy a simple and pleasant shopping experience with minimum hassle, and we will be opening our door to you to suggest new designs that you think you are missing on the market and would like to own.

We are sure you will appreciate the quality of our work and please know that you will be actively contributing to our country’s economy by buying MADE IN LEBANON products.


In a constantly moving market affected with the overall economy, and with the breaking of borders in the commercial sectors, the world has definitely become smaller. Products of all categories and brands are available in huge quantities. Yet, some people are still seeking quality, practicality, utility, simple beauty, and good prices, far from today’s tendencies of branding images and sophistication. Sometimes it’s not about advertising and exaggeration. In the end, it’s the product itself and its utility that counts.

Being ourselves manufacturers, we have decided to reach you directly avoiding all the extra costs incurred by middlemen, advertising, and puffy expenses. At GOLDEN CROWN, you will be getting EXTRA VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. You will notice how products here will cost you a lot less than prices on the market, but you will definitely be receiving better quality items—simply because we have invested into quality materials and the utility of the item itself. Hence the EXTRA VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

Also note how we have made the shopping experience as easy and unrisky as possible, since you will be buying the products at no risk at all.

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