Golden Crown Co. leather goods manufacturer

golden crown co. leather goods manufacturer

The restaurant business has changed drastically. Gone are the days when a restaurant was about a few tables and chairs serving food. Today, restaurants have become empires. Competition is tough on all levels; it’s not about just food taste and presentation anymore, but about the ambience and creating an experience for the customer. Magnificent decors, head-turning lights, colorful dishes and personalized serving amenities add up to the whole experience. But not to forget that the smallest details sometimes make the biggest differences.

What about leather restaurant accessories?

First impressions come first. Placemats, cutlery covers, and napkin holders are essential in the overall setup of the table. The color combinations play a crucial role to complement the décor of the place. They could match or contrast with the color of the chairs, tables, walls, floor, etc. Everything is in the detail...

By the way, if cost-cutting is the first thing that comes to your mind, think again! Leather placemats are cheaper than paper placemats in the short run. They are easy to clean and can last for years. You will only pay once for leather placemats whereas you will keep on printing paper placemats forever!

The second thing a customer is presented with is the menu cover. The QR code menu is quickly becoming redundant, robotic, impersonal, and lacks creativity. Besides that, older generations may not have mobile phones, on-the-go internet connections, or simply they could have visual impairments and cannot deal with the smallest of fonts on the smallest of screens.

Traditional menu covers are making a huge comeback. Give your customers the sense of confidence to indulge in the experience of ordering their food with a much-needed personal touch. Let their senses come to play by touching the beautiful leather, smelling the paper, and getting impressed by the classy presence of your engraved brand.

You want your customers to leave with a lasting impression and wanting to come back, right? So don't forget the bill covers! They fashionably but discreetly protect invoices and cash or credit cards from unwanted prying eyes.

Let's get on in this adventure together to give your customers experiences they will never forget...

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