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June 30, 2010 - FREE DELIVERY

Hello everyone,

Great news!!!!! Your persistent demands for decreasing the delivery charges inside Lebanon have not gone unnoticed. In our continuous efforts to give you the best value for a great price, and after much studying, we have finally come up with a great offer:

FREE DELIVERY for anything above $20 WITHOUT any increase in prices

Sorry, it’s impossible to provide free delivery for items lower than $20, as the cost of delivery would be much higher than the cost of the item itself!!! That’s why you can order 2 or more items that match up to the $20 limit and receive your purchases for FREE anywhere in Lebanon.

We want to remind you that here at, you are getting your items at FACTORY PRICES, straight to you without any intermediaries…not to mention some innovations you will not find on the market.

We hope that with this extra effort of getting closer to you through our new FREE Delivery system, you will be more encouraged to take a chance and try our products out. We promise you: No Disappointments!! because as usual, you are getting EXTRA VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

We are also looking forward to your comments. Don’t hesitate to share with us your impressions and your suggestions. And by the way, if anyone asks you where you got it from, don’t forget to mention at :o)

See you next time!

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