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March 1, 2011 – Leather Goods: The Glossary.

Hello everyone,

In the last issue, we had promised to give you a general idea about terms that are frequently used in our line of business. The leather goods industry produces but is not limited to:

Business cards / credit card holders: to hold your business cards and credit cards.

Travel wallet / document holder: to hold your travel documents (tickets, passport, identification papers, money, personal papers, etc.)

Passport holder / cover / case: to protect your passport.

Organizer / planner / diary / agenda cover: to protect the outer cover of your agenda.

Folder/ portfolio / padfolio: comes in A4 and A5 sizes, used by sales people or distributed in conferences to hold brochures and take notes. Mainly consists of a notepad, pen slot and a few pockets.

Desk pad / blotter / pad / conference desk pad / desk mat holder: placed in front of you on the desk to cover your important papers or to write on it. Comes in many designs and sizes to be placed on a personal desk or on conference tables.

Paper holder / cube: frequently placed on the desk to take notes upon remembering something.

Calendar: calendar stand

Paperweight: could be of different shapes to hold down papers on the desk.

Photo frame / picture holder: to put pictures of your loved ones in.

Valet / tray / catch-all: a kind of tray of many sizes where you put your keys, pens, mobile, and other trinkets instead of spreading them all over the desk.

Inbox / outbox tray: placed on your desk to arrange your incoming and outgoing mail.

Pen holder / cup: placed on the desk to collect your pens.

Coasters: what you put under coffee cups and water glasses to protect the desk from liquids dripping over.

Briefcase: a bag to hold your files and papers.

Conference / seminar bag: another form of bag (sometimes produced in textile) to carry brochures and folders distributed in conferences.

Laptop bags: to hold your laptop and accessories.

Keyholder / keyfob: as the name suggests, it’s a key holder.

Wallet: used to keep your money, ID, cards, and other important belongings.

Checkbook cover: protects your check book.

Jotter / memo: frequently comes with card slots for personal use and immediate note-taking when you’re out of office and something comes to your mind.

Bookmark: to find your way back to the last read page in your favorite book.

Tissue holder: used at home, the office, or the car for quick rescue when you sneeze.

Luggage tags: a protection for personal information inserted in the tag and tied to your suitcase or luggage to avoid loss.


Menu cover: leather cover for menus in restaurants

Invoice cover: leather cover for invoices in restaurants

Napkin holder: napkin stand

Plate mat: placed under the plates in restaurants

Hope this brief overview gave you an idea about what we do and the unlimited uses of leather goods.

See you next time!

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